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I just recognized: A lowercase “L” in URLs can be misunderstood. Especially if it’s position is right at the beginning of the URL and the domain is some kind of abbreviation or a made-up word. In addition it needs to be a link that isn’t click-able (for example in print media) and it depends on the typeface. OK that’s quite a lot of conditions, but it can happen, as the following example shows: The Kulturhaus LA8 (abbreviation for the address Lichtentaler Allee 8 ) in Baden-Baden has the domain name While talking to friend of mine, I came to know that he all the time read (with an uppercase i). Damn. When I enter “Ia8” to Google, I can’t find the Kulturhaus LA8. Google doesn’t get it. So I have no other choice: I’m posting this blog entry here for potential visitors that were getting the address wrong, in order to redirect them to the correct LA8 page. 😉

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